We all have jobs or tasks we know we should get around to, however, it is often lack of time, energy or the will to do these tasks which halts us in our tracks.

My job at Leave It To Me is to complete those nagging jobs you don’t want to do and to assist you in the areas of your life that  you feel need reorganising, adjustment or completion.

My career background has been in business and project management, working within the Science, Health and Education sectors. Whilst working in these sectors I met many people who were successful in their professional life, however their home life was often in some  disorder causing a constant feeling of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

After returning to the UK after participating in voluntary work in South America and Asia,  I decided to set up my own business to help people declutter their lives in the areas they felt need decluttering, be it reorganising and decluttering their home,  administrative tasks we all have but are reluctant to do or simply helping to create a plan which allows the individual(s) to move forward in their life.

I help, by helping you regain control of the areas of your life that are weighing you down – everyone needs a little help sometimes.