Do you need help with difficult jobs and tasks?

Do you need help to declutter or re-organise your home?

Paperwork or administration you need to tackle?

Leave it to me will help you move forward in the areas of your life you feel you need a helping hand with.

Most of us have ‘jobs’ which need to be dealt with and most of us mean to get around to doing these jobs, however, they are usually the jobs we don’t like to do, don’t want to do, or have difficulty doing ourselves, so we procrastinate and then, months later, we find the jobs are still there to be completed!

Leave It To Me, is an empathic, proactive,  service which aims to refresh and revitalise any area of your home or life that you need help with.

No job is too big or too small,  I will take it off your hands and manage it within an agreed timeframe and achieve the outcomes you wish for.

Everyone, at some point in their lives needs a helping hand to get these jobs done.

  • Each task is looked at from an holistic viewpoint in order to determine the best course of action. My aim is to help remove some of the mental and physical clutter which is holding you back.

My background is in Business Administration and Project Management.  I am utilising my experience and natural ability to organise and prioritise work to achieve the most effective outcomes for my clients.

Working with each client to achieve their aims, I help to simplify the jobs which have become overwhelming. I have an eye for detail which allows me to create a more comfortable living space, quickly assessing the tasks in hand to achieve the desired outcomes.   I do not judge peoples homes or lifestyle; if you are happy with your home and life, you don’t need me!   However, if you need a little support and motivation to start the jobs you have been putting off, then I am here to help.

Services offered – All tasks considered, please enquire:
Clerical or administrative tasks you may find tiresome to tackle yourself
Organising and decluttering rooms or homes resulting in a new refreshing space to live and breath
Organising and cataloguing your household items for Auction
Organising items to be retained or recycled

Free Consultations at your convenience
Email –enquiries@leaveittome.org.uk
Mobile – Please call Ornia on – 07774 751005
No job or task too big or too small
Hourly – Half Day – Full Day – Rates available – (From £15 per hour)
Area covered – Jurassic Coast and environs